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One of the major challenges with large-scale SAP implementations is testing and quality assurance of the implementation. This includes deployments, updates, hot packs, and customizations. Implementation can lead to inaccurate heavy overhead on maintenance and management. Incomplete or non-exhaustive test plan can create errors in the underlying implementation which can create inconsistencies in the data. These errors usually take several years to surface, when the damage has already been done.
However, in most cases, the implementation is incorrect due to the absence of a simplified testing process and lack of expertise in the domain testers. Build an error-free implementation SAP requires an ability to consider possible defects and create cons-measures in the test plan. This ensures that the deployment is tested regularly and completely.

E Traffic Optimizer provides testing services through a streamlined testing approach defined tests provide structured that would minimize risk, cost and effort of the entire implementation of SAP. MindTree leverages its SAP practice to bring industry experts who work closely with the testing experts to create the optimal test strategy and an accelerated implementation plan.

Test verifies that the configuration of the entire SAP system meets the business requirements. Problems are detected and resolved at the earliest stage possible. A structured approach to testing is essential both during the implementation of new solutions and in the adjustment of existing solutions.

Our Approach:
Our approach to all missions SAP testing based on the following principles:
  • Save money on repair costs through previous participation
  • Risk-based tests for risk of failure (eg the complexity of the solution) and impact (eg continuity of business processes)
  • Ensure that testing contributes positively to the change process
  • Reduce costs and increase quality by reusing testware
  • Support the testing process through test automation
  • Quality can not be 'tested', it can be improved through quality assurance
  • Professional SAP testing is required in the project and maintenance phases (SAP full life cycle)
  • SAP Testing Framework

    Under this methodology, a master test plan is used to run different types of tests - from unit tests to the acceptance tests.
    Planning phases, testing, preparation, specification, execution, completion and infrastructure for each type of test.

    SAP Testing Process

    The master test plan and all types of tests are integrated with various ASAP phases, with early involvement acting as an extremely important principle. The test team is involved from the inception of the project, ensuring a good basis for testing. In addition, the first steps towards the implementation of test cases are taken at an early stage. His early involvement also allows the test team to detect deviations from the business plan that emerge as part of the implementation phase, with quality increasing impact on the final result. This means that when the SAP system is delivered to the company, the system is a better match with expectations.

    SAP lifecycle tests
    Phase management and maintenance begins when SAP was successfully integrated into your organization. In this phase, it is important that additional features, support programs, new versions, etc. are implemented safely and effectively. Due to the integrated nature of SAP, a relatively small change can cause unforeseen problems in unexpected areas. Therefore, the unchanged parts must also be tested by "regression testing". Regression testing, because repeat and reuse of nature is often suitable for automation.

    Why E Traffic Optimizer for SAP Testing

  • E Traffic Optimizer is the market leader in testing. E Traffic Optimizeris also an SAP Service Partner and gained a lot of knowledge related to SAP. By combining the two, E Traffic Optimizer is a leader of thought in SAP tests.
  • SAP testing methodology includes E Traffic Optimizer standard models, test cases, tools, and reports. It can be used to run all types of tests in all possible landscapes SAP.
  • The test methodology SAP E Traffic Optimizer is subject to continuous improvement, among other things using Test Process Improvement (TPI ®).
  • E Traffic Optimizer has extensive experience in the use of test automation tools (Solution Manager, Rational, etc.) and is able to select and deploy the right tool for your organization.
  • E Traffic Optimizer aligns with SAP testing business processes and business operations overnight. To this end, we design tests of the chain and business scenarios that go beyond the SAP system.
  • E Traffic Optimizer has the experience of outsourcing and offshoring testing SAP to run its own facilities.
  • E Traffic Optimizer has established the working group VNSG Testing SAP. By sharing experiences, participating customers can take their SAP environment tests at a higher level.
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