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Social networking has become the de facto means for people to engage with each other. He leads their social activities, engagement and entertainment to a large extent. Instant sharing of ideas and thoughts through waste, micro-blogging and sharing media like photos, video and music helps people link more closely with friends, colleagues and other community members. This collaboration is happening on social media sites in general and on specific vertical sites such as travel, health, entertainment, etc. businE Traffic Optimizer decisions such as buying on e-commerce sites are strongly influenced by the ideas social, such as product reviews, comments, evaluations and suggestions.

Social networking sites have become a popular place for people to spend large amounts of their time. Social networking sites are a key means to deliver mE Traffic Optimizerages and voice opinions. This empowers others in their network to stay informed and make informed decisions.

E Traffic Optimizer helps build communities open interactive social networking sites and social networking niche vertical markets many as travel, health, education, entertainment, etc. These websites contain features such as profile user, the remains of updates, Haring and content and the link, mE Traffic Optimizeraging, chat, sub-groups, forums, etc. They also have integration features with other web 2.0 platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, YouTube, emails such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc. using their API. E Traffic Optimizer also implements enhanced security settings on these sites that users can control their privacy online.

With Internet service in the most timely and cost of interaction between people from around the world, the idea of ​​social networking sites was intended to make it big in the world. Have proven experience in the design and development of highly interactive portals. We at E Traffic Optimizer, develop social networking sites for any industry. We build gates for people to share their interest and activities. Integrating motivational aspects and individual user profile, social links, images and other custom functions bespoken, we aim to provide a platform where people connect to each other.

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Our Experience in Social Networking Website Development

  • E Traffic Optimizer has been at the forefront of technology adoption. E Traffic Optimizer has worked on the construction of social networking sites for clients in many areas.
  • E Traffic Optimizer gave a social networking site for an ethnic community in France that allow members to connect to each other, to articulate their views and work together on social issues.
  • In the health sector, E Traffic Optimizer has developed a social networking site on the mother and infant care. This knowledge based portal care parenting and baby, offers a collaborative platform for parents and experts to form an interactive online community with several Web 2.0 driven tools and applications.
  • E Traffic Optimizer developed a social networking site for the francophone community of French travel that helps travelers make better decisions through collaboration with each other. This website AJAX-based social networks have allowed members to share travel stories, photos, video, review and rate tourist destinations, hotels and travel agencies.
  • E Traffic Optimizer has also developed an online communication channel with the power of the artist community in Africa to network and socialize with each other. This beautifully crafted web design social networking connects Africans through MADE (Music, Arts, Dance, Edutainment) and also provides people with a platform to showcase their talent.