Software Testing

Software Testing and QA Services

Software Testing and QA Services

Our business unit QA & Test, now incorporates Insight Test Services, is clearly established that the leading and largest independent software quality assurance and testing business in India, USA and the UK .
Our comprehensive suite of test software ranges of mixtures offshore / onshore services and cloud computing test succeeded, through the execution of test structure, management resources and improving the testing process.

Well described in an application market place is successful only when it is thoroughly tested to be reliable and usable. Recognizing this need E Traffic Optimizer has been providing high quality independent testing of software outsourcing services during the year to its customers worldwide.

We can take responsibility for the quality of your software on a managed testing service that is underpinned by a rigorous Service Level Agreement and is based on our test centers, where we have over 50 certified test professionals. Our means tests based on the cloud can also be deployed. Alternatively, we can complete your test team in our internal resources managed pool complemented by our consulting services, automation tools and training to help you improve your home in the competence and performance.

Advantage of Quality Assurance and Software Testing

There is now a trend in this quality assurance and testing services are outsourced as the first step in the outsourcing of software. We have a dedicated team of quality assurance and software testing which are providing following benefits:

  • Increases the confidence level of customer when the system has been tested by people who fully understand the business flow outside the team for software development.
  • Software specifications and requirements are validate and verified while the software developed.
  • Appropriate points test team performs the compliance process to discover the defects.The software is also provided to satisfy all the boundary conditions.
  • It is verified that the data is completely recovered when the system's windows suddenly curpted.Software performance is observed under conditions of maximum load.
  • It creates healthy competition within the developerss application and the test team that leads to a higher quality software and robust.
  • Reliable information submitted by the qa and testing team allows stakeholders to make a correct decision at any time during the crisis of the moment.
  • The software is also provided to satisfy all the boundary conditions.

  • Our Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services as Following:

  • System testing
  • Functional testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Business Process testing
  • Database testing
  • Security testing
  • Component and API testing
  • Security testing

  • Our Quality Assurance and Software Testing Process

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